Businesses must Affirm with New York State and/or Re-affirm with Changes

NY Forward Reopening: Reaffirm your Business. If *new* guidance was posted that is applicable, you should read and affirm that you are operating in accordance with the health and safety requirements ...

Whether your business was deemed "essential" or "non-essential", you must be familiar with your business safety plan, summary guidelines, detailed guidelines, and affirming the business with New York State. Did you know that if your business changed due to a new phase's guidance of New York Forward then you must read and affirm that your business is operating in accordance with the new requirements.

Affirmation and Reaffirmation Examples

"Essential" Business Affirmation Example

Your business was deemed "essential" from the start of "New York State on PAUSE" but you have not affirmed your business.

If you haven't then please use the New York Forward Business Reopening Lookup Wizard to help you determine the applicable guidance.

Hair Salon Reaffirmation Example

Hair Salons and Barbershops were allowed to reopen in Phase 2 after they completed their Business Safety Plan and affirmed that they've read the guidelines for Hair Salons and Barbershops. In Phase 3, if they offered non-hair-related personal care services then they must read the guidelines for Personal Care and affirm that they've read the guidance for their business.

Restaurant Reaffirmation Example

Restaurants were allowed to reopen for take-out and delivery in Phase 1. In Phase 2, restaurants were allowed to offer outdoor dining. and they were to complete their Business Safety Plan and affirm their guidelines. In Phase 3, restaurants were then allowed to offer indoor dining must affirm that they've read the guidance with New York State. Affirm your business with NYS.


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