Phase Four of NY Forward on June 30, 2020 for Western New York

NY Forward Reopening Phase Four: Arts / Entertainment / Recreation, Education, and Media Production

Cattaraugus County is in NY State's Western New York region which has been cleared for NYS Reopening Phase Four on June 30, 2020.

We are encouraging all businesses and organizations to affirm their industry-specific guidelines and complete their initial business safety plan using the template released by NY Forward. The re-opening refers to non-essential businesses and business activities.

Three Things to Do

There is one thing that's recommended, which is read the summary guidelines for the industry in which you business falls under and there are two things that you must do prior to reopening your business:

1 - Read the Industry-Specific Summary Guidelines

For your industry in New York State, be sure to become familiar with the Summary guidelines which contain have the mandatory requirements and the recommended best practices for the following:

  • Physical Distancing
  • Protective Equipment
  • Hygiene, Cleaning, and Disinfection
  • Communication
  • Screening

2 - Read & Affirm the Industry-Specific Detailed Guidelines

To affirm that you have read and understand your obligation to operate in accordance with the guidance given please follow the written instruction or the video below.

  1. Start at NY Forward's Industries Reopening by Phase
  2. Read the "Detailed Guidelines" for the industry that your business is in.
  3. On the last page of those guidelines, there will be a link that you will either: click on OR copy and paste into your web browser's address field.
  4. Complete the NYS Business Affirmation form.

3 - Complete your Business' Safety Plan

Complete your business' safety plan using the template released by NY Forward.

Industries in Phase Four

Higher Education

From NY Forward: This guidance is intended to address all types of in-person higher education institutions, including but not limited to community and junior colleges, universities, graduate and professional schools, medical schools, and technical schools.

Higher Education section of NY Forward

Low-Risk Outdoor Arts & Entertainment

From NY Forward: These guidelines apply to all low-risk outdoor arts and entertainment activities permitted to reopen. This guidance applies to low-risk outdoor arts/entertainment activities, including outdoor zoos, botanical gardens, nature parks, grounds of historic sites and cultural institutions, outdoor museums, outdoor agritourism, local agricultural demonstrations and exhibitions; and other similar institutions/activities.

Low-Risk Outdoor Arts & Entertainment section of NY Forward

Low-Risk Indoor Arts & Entertainment

From NY Forward: These guidelines apply to all indoor museums, historical sites, aquariums, and other related institutions or activities that have been permitted to reopen.

Low-Risk Indoor Arts & Entertainment section of NY Forward

Media Production

From NY Forward: These guidelines apply to media production businesses/activities in regions of New York that have been permitted to reopen. For the purpose of this guidance, “media production activities” encompass all activities undertaken in motion picture, music, television, and streaming productions on set, on location, or at any production or recording site.

Media Production section of NY Forward

New York Forward Business Reopening Lookup Wizard

This tool is to help you determine a business' eligibility to reopen.

Business Reopening Lookup Wizard

Business Questions on Reopening?

Contact Economic Development with your business questions.