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Inkley's Angus Hill Farm

Welcome to Angus Hill Farm! They have made it their ultimate goal to find and breed cattle with superior EPDs based upon ultrasound values, while being committed to producing cattle that are sound, functional, highly maternal, and still very superior in carcass merit, with much emphasis on the $B index.

One of their greatest accomplishments in the past few years was the purchase of Stevens Bros. Slaughterhouse. This in turn allowed them to acquire a contract and supply Wegmans Supermarkets with premium Angus beef. They have developed an overwhelming local meat market after building a retail store on the farm. They are very excited about this ever growing beef market and what it will mean to both their purebred and commercial customers. Please feel free to ask about the details of their buyback programs.

Please know that all animals sold from Angus Hill have a 100% unconditional guarantee. Feel free to contact them personally at any time if you have questions or need assistance.

12400 West Main Street
Randolph, NY 14772
United States
(716) 358-6817